Youth Policy

Youth Supervision Policy (YSP) is established to ensure that all our guests enjoy a safe, pleasant, and family friendly shopping environment. All visitors age 17 and under must be accompanied at all times by a parent or supervising adult age 21 or older on Saturdays after 4:00 pm.
We encourage persons age 17 and under to enjoy the mall with a parent or supervising adult on Saturday evenings.


  1. Guests age 17 and under are required to be accompanied by and remain with a parent or adult age 21 or older at all times after 4:00 pm on Saturdays.*
  2. Unsupervised youth age 17 and under shopping prior to 4:00 pm on Saturday evenings must leave the mall by 4:00 pm or be joined with a parent or supervising adult age 21 or older.
  3. Proof of age will be required for the youth and supervising adult. Those who fail to produce proper identification will be asked to leave the property.
  4. Proper identification includes a state issued driver’s license or ID card, a passport, or a military. The identification must include a photograph, date of birth and be tamper proof.
  5. One adult may accompany up to 6 youths. The supervising adult must remain with the youths at all times.
  6. Supervising adults are responsible for the actions of the youth they accompany and must ensure they are following the mall’s 
    Code of Conduct


  1. Mall employees 17 and under may continue to work within their store during Youth Supervision Policy Hours. Persons 17 and under must adhere to the Youth Supervision Policy if their shift ends during policy hours. Employees of the mall must be prepared to show valid ID and proof of  employment.