The New Face of Northpark

The New Face of Northpark

Northpark is being reimagined. From new exterior landscaping and remodeled public entrances to the latest amenities and open, common-area spaces, our 958,000-square-foot property is being transformed into a premier shopping destination featuring modern sensibilities and style.

With the first phase of these exciting upgrades scheduled to be completed by November 2018, this stunning renovation will combine Southern charm with contemporary architecture and design.

A Delectable Eatery

Our food court will be transforming into a spacious café-style Eatery, offering a wide range of fresh options in a modern dining area, ideal for social gatherings or relaxing during your visit.


State-of-the-Art Family Amenities

Visitors will be able to enjoy a new a state-of-the-art children’s Discovery Park, and a new Family Lounge featuring private nursing areas, baby-changing stations, and a large child-friendly restroom. Large interactive play screens, and loaded with games, will entertain children while shoppers relax and recharge.

A Better Shopping Experience

A large, high-resolution Media Wall located in the Eatery will keep you informed of the latest events, deals, and happenings at Northpark. What’s more, new digital directories located throughout Northpark will create an exciting, modern shopping experience for family and friends.